Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back At It

Our second semester looks a lot like the first, the girls will continue their current studies with a few changes:

  • We're about to finish the second volume of Story of the World. When that happens, we'll move right into volume three, which is the late Renaissance and Early Modern Times.
  • Elbow finished the First McGuffey this morning, and will pick up with the Second tomorrow.
  • Bobo is almost done with her second Classically Cursive copybook. When she finishes, she'll begin Writing Tales.
  • Once we've mastered the Pater Noster (for some reason this particular prayer is taking us a long time to get memorized), we'll be done with Prima Latina. I think Bobo will begin Latin Christiana I and Elbow will get her own copy of Prima. She knows all the vocabulary and prayers already, but it will be her chance to do the workbook.
  • Our science group is more than half way through Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. It's our week to host and we're on crustaceans. I need to buy a fresh lobster and some unpeeled shrimp for the children to sketch and diagram during our group time. (Hubby will surely want to cook the lobster after class, not sure how that will go over). We've got one very brave (and scientifically trained) mom in our group. She'll do some dissections with the shrimp. I don't go there. Last time she handled some fish with the children and there was an eyeball bouncing around our friend's kitchen floor.
  • Toddzilla needs to sit down and work on forming letters, but he's all boy and not one bit interested. I'm not pushing at this point because he can recognize all letters (capital and lower case) and knows their sounds already. He learned this entirely from the Leapster Letter Factory cartridge. One day I'll write glowing praises of the Leapster and it's indestructibility, not to mention it's ability to teach early phonics and other fun stuff.


Denise in MN said...

Looks like great stuff.

I'm looking for a writing curriculum. Let me know what you think of Writing Tales.

Michelle Waters said...

Denise, you can see sample lessons at of Writing Tales at http://www.writing-tales.com

I'll let you know how it works for us...

momofmany said...

The Leapster is amazing in that way, isn't it?