Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not Good.

I need a Mister Misty. Somewhere around this time in every pregnancy, I start dreaming of DQ's sugary, slushy treat. I also start chomping on ice if the baby happens to be a boy. 

Big problem. Dairy Queen doesn't do them anymore. What? It's now the Artic Rush and they are SO.NOT.THE.SAME.

I've tried twice now, just hoping some disgruntled teenage worker got the recipe wrong the first time around. Nope. 

If any DQ people are listening, bring back the Mister Misty!


Alice Gunther said...

My thing this pregnancy has been: ice cold chunks of watermelon! Even though it is out of season, I've been eating it by the ton.


Theresa said...

My son said the same thing about the new slushes just the other day!

Stacy Brown said...

I also loved the Mister Misty .... I would get the Mister Misty float! Yum! I also have been very dissapointed in the new Artic Rush.
Hope you find something that satifies!

Maria said...

I like grape ones when pregnant! Of the old-fashioned, Mister Misty variety, of course.

Becky said...

Whaaa? No more Mr. Misty?? Why wasn't I informed! They were my favorite in high school...blue raspberry especially...yummm. I'm so sad now.