Saturday, December 20, 2008

Liberty Girls Club, Meeting 2

I completely forgot to post about our last book club meeting. (Not that anyone minds, but this blog is also my record of our lives as home schoolers, so I've got to keep on top of it!)

The chosen book was Addy's Surprise: A Christmas Story. The girls and I read the whole series because we had never read any of the Addy books. While it is definitely the saddest of the American Girl Doll series, it's become my favorite by far. I think we read the all six books in two days because the girls never wanted to stop. 

The hosting mom and daughter had all the girls to their home the week before our club meeting to practice a shadow play of the Christmas story, just like Addy and her friends do in the book. They performed it for us at the actual meeting. The play turned out beautifully - they used a large sheet and lighting to achieve the right effect. One girl read the Christmas story from Luke while the others, in costume, acted it out. 

The girls also made little rolled fabric dolls for their American Girl dolls. 

We're already looking forward to our the next meeting in January.


Darla said...

We loved Addy too. Sounds like a great club meeting.

Charla said...

I love the shadow play idea. We're doing Addy at our next meeting too. Do you need costumes though, since it's behind a "curtain." What did you use?

Michelle Waters said...

We used towels on the heads of the shepherds, a halo for the angel and a robe for Mary. These came through the sheet really well.