Thursday, December 4, 2008

Best of Today and a Taste of Tomorrow

  • Bobo played a duet with her dad at our home school group Christmas party this afternoon. Elbow played her violin as well, and the boys belted out a song about God's love bubbling over - complete with lots of blowing and popping sound effects and motions. (Crockett wasn't really supposed to be on stage, but he never misses a chance in the lime light).
  • The girls worked all evening on a report on Manta Rays for our science group tomorrow. They also decided to concoct a short play about a little manta ray boy going to the cleaning station (which really happens, who knew?) and faking a sickness to obtain his mother's tasty soup. 
  • Tomorrow I get to take my girls to lunch and shopping - a little girl's day out between music lessons and science group. Happy almost Friday!


Juli said...

Sounds like fun. All of it. I don't think any of my kids would get up in front of a crowd. They get that from me. My husband has no problem with it. I'm looking forward to Friday. I always look forward to the start of a new week and then I'm relieved when Friday comes. Enjoy your weekend.

Stacy Brown said...

I enjoyed hearing your girls play - they have a future in music and playwriting too huh? Glad you had "girl time" - lots of fun!
Have a great weekend.