Sunday, November 16, 2008

Liberty Girls Club

The first meeting of our brand new American Girl Doll book club was a big success! There's nothing cuter than a gaggle of girls carrying dolls to a party.  We discussed Meet Samantha and the historical time surrounding the story, made gingerbread (Samantha and Nellie's favorite treat), worked on samplers, and had a prim and proper tea party on my grandmother's china.

My mom was with us over the weekend (and then, surprise! so was my dad)* so she got to join in the fun as master gingerbread baker.  

The rest of the weekend was a blur: a great mother-daughter bonding time for me and my mom and a not-so-great-no-holds-barred-weekend-long-tantrum by one of my dear children (who of course will remain anonymous).  Just keeping it real.

*My dad is famous for his surprise visits. When I played hockey for Dartmouth, he'd just magically appear at various games all over the East Coast.  He hid behind a newspaper during warm-ups at Harvard my freshman year, popping out just in time to see the first goal of my college career.  


janie said...

That sounds like such fun. I know my girls would love it... great work!

Darla said...

Sounds great! Are you doing all the Samantha books or moving on to another one next? We're trying to start a group too so I'd like input.

Michelle Waters said...

We're going to let each hosting Mom pick the doll/book. But we will switch dolls and time periods each time because we're only meeting once a month. I would just take too many months to stay with one doll and do the whole series. In the Thomas Jefferson Home Companion, they talk about a group that meets twice a month and does each book in the series. That would be 3 months per doll/period in history.