Sunday, November 9, 2008

Friday Field Trip

Our little science group headed to Kentucky to see the Newport Aquarium on Friday.  We've been studying aquatic animals this year through Exploring Creation Through Zoology: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day.  It was a great hands on, up close experience: petting sharks (I didn't, all my children did), feeling star fish, handling crabs... We also signed up for the behind the scenes tour, which lead us through the filters and feeding grounds, even the surgery room - everything it takes to run this huge facility with millions of gallons of water. Hubby was along for this trip; he was chief rescuer when Crockett wanted to jump right into the shark tanks during the behind the scenes tour.  

We continue to love the Apologia elementary science books.  They are very in-depth, going far beyond my own very limited science education.  The experiments are fun and not too intimidating.  The author of this series - Jeannie Fulbright - is herself a home schooling mother and they are written with the Charlotte Mason method in mind.  

When the weather was nice, we often took the science book outside after dinner so the little boys could run around while we read.  Quite often I'd soon have an additional student or two - neighborhood kids - clamoring to hear more about sea turtles or primeval reptiles.  They're that good.

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