Monday, September 15, 2008

A Momentous Weekend (including my first 911 call)

Saturday I officially became "of advanced maternal age."  Hubby and the children ushered in my thirty-fifth year with flowers, cake, balloons and the promise of a shopping spree - none of which can be beat for this gal - advanced in age or not.  (He says the Mac purchase was a "necessity" and can't be considered a birthday gift.  Gotta love him!)

Sunday brought hurricane-like winds that knocked out our power for 30 hours and sent trees and branches toppling over throughout the neighborhood.  One such branch in our backyard lay itself precisely on our power line during dinner last night.  The sap began to sizzle loudly, followed by clouds of blue smoke, followed by flames - which of course was all followed by shrieks from four scared little children.  

After a few strange cell phone issues, I got through to 911.  We waited.  Nothing happened. No one came.  Thank God, when the branch finally fell, it smoldered a bit and went out.  We ended up not having a forest fire in the backyard - or worse.  I went to bed thankful that we were all safe and sound, but a bit uneasy that a 911 call could go completely unanswered.

This morning's paper said the emergency system was inundated; which made me feel a bit better.  But not much.  Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those on the Gulf Coast who are dealing with so much worse.


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations on reaching AMA! The medical approach to that makes me laugh and roll my eyes.

Alice Gunther said...

35!!!! You are a baby!

Happy birthday!!!!

molly said...

Happy belated birthday.
We had those wild winds here as well. Very frightetning, I am glad you are all OK.

Becky said...

Hope you had a great birthday!

Karen E. said...

Happy belated birthday! I love your husband for calling the Mac a necessity! :-) (I'm a Mac wanna-be ... wish list, wish list ....) And, so happy that nothing disastrous happened during your storm.