Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just A Little Political.

You gotta love the ice cream truck for arriving right at dinner time. This has been her pattern all summer, which normally drives me crazy. But who can resist an ice cream truck? So we all pile out of the house - mid-dinner - and put the ice cream in the freezer for safe keeping, which really isn't the fun way to do it at all. But tonight, with my husband at meetings and me not feeling in the mood for cooking or eating, the sound of Mrs. Ice Cream rumbling down the road was a perfect excuse for "Kids, Ice Cream for Dinner!" I even treated half the neighborhood. I'm sure their parents won't be quite as ecstatic...

In other news:

  • We saw a neat exhibit of African art and made some authentic masks at our monthly art club.

  • My oldest daughter has been polling the neighborhood - so far it seems our little neck of the woods leans toward McCain.

  • Sunday School started today and suprise! Toddzilla's still not a big fan.

  • My computer is highly on again off again. Hubby's threatening to get me a Mac for my birthday. (He's secretly been coveting a Mac forever). I'm holding out for now, content to simply close the 108 applications it opens on it's own every time I turn it on.

  • The girls played their instruments for a chamber of commerce gathering last week. Prizes and games were promised for participants. No prizes and games were delivered. Surprise! That didn't go over well either.


Jennifer said...

Good for you. I think that's so fun.

molly said...

You must be so proud of such sweet girls! They are adorable.

小小彬 said...


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