Monday, September 22, 2008

Church People

The people of God are good... really good.  I can't say enough about the body of Christ; it truly is one of God's greatest gifts to his children.  We've been blessed to be in the service of the church for almost a decade - first in North Dakota and now in Ohio.  Church people across the board continue to amaze and inspire us with their generosity and love.  It's almost embarrassing to note how much help we've received from God's good people: babysitting, meals, incredible hospitality in people's homes...  (Let me just say someone drove to our home in the middle of the Hurricane last weekend and delivered home made meals that lasted us longer than the power outage).  

Many people are ready to disparage the hypocrisy and fallenness of the church. No doubt the church has had it's problems over the years.  But what other institution can claim thousands of years of existence (besides the family, of course)?  The church - through the power of the Holy Spirit - has not only existed but spread God's message of love and salvation to the very ends of the earth.  

At our going away party from our church in ND, my daughters were suspiciously absent for almost the entire event.  I found out later that they were behind the altar, signing their names in every single welcome pad "so our friends here will never forgot us."  We'll surely never forget them.  We thank God every day for his many gifts, not least of these, his people.

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molly said...

I once heard it said, "the church has survived thousands of years, not because of its members, but despite it members".
Thanks be to God, for his MErcy. I too, feel very blessed by her members.