Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tractor Pull

Our first week of school has gone surprisingly well. The boys are MUCH BETTER about entertaining themselves this year, which is a huge bonus. Usually, they play in their room right next door to our learning room. Yesterday, I let them outside while we were finishing up and putting stuff away. Here's what we found them doing... (Keep in mind, we live in a cul-de-sac where we're the only people home all day so they're allowed to meander on the street)

Elbow is pretty happy to have "skipped kindergarten." Actually, when I went to file her paperwork in our new state, I found out the birthday guidelines are different here, making her a young first grader rather than an old kindergartener.

Bobo is loving the Christian Liberty Nature Readers and cursive.

Tomorrow we'll give ourselves a vacation day to celebrate Elbow's birthday!


Stacy Brown said...

The boys are so cute! Sounds like you are off and running on school.
Have a great day off tomorrow and a great birthday party!

divinagrace said...

How cute!

I have wondered about the Liberty Nature Readers and whether or not we should get them (having never seen them).

Have a great vacation day!