Thursday, July 24, 2008


My little Elbow lost her first tooth last night. There was none of the mom-chasing-the-wiggly-toothed-child-around-the-house with this one. She basically did it on her own, with me coming in as relief on the final tug. Much hoopla followed.

She's changed so much this year. When I look in on my daughters at night, it's Elbow who always makes me think: where has the time gone? Not yet six and I already feel like if I blink too many times with her I'll miss something big.
Which is why I'm especially pleased it came out last night. Tomorrow I head out for a little mommy getaway. Very exciting. Audio books for the car, a hotel room ALL BY MYSELF, and a fun home school conference are in my future. Did I mention I'd have time ALL BY MYSELF? Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Hey...sweetie....L love to see that loose tooth is finally out.....I remember wiggling at my house....glad to see you have finally pulled it out....and under the pillow it goes !!! The tooth fairy will be coming by tonight--how exciting !!!....Grandma can't wait to hear all about it !!! remember to call me up and tell me all about you adventure......I just can't wait to hear all about it......Love....Grandma....:)

Jennifer said...

She's beautiful!!