Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Reading

We haven't been keeping up with Bobo's pleasure reading narrations - primarily because when she was into the fairy books (the Disney Fairy books and the Flower Fairy series) - I couldn't keep up with her! But now that her pace has slackened a bit, I hope to continue on.

Here's her take on an old favorite:

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is another fantastic and wonderful book. I like it because it is strange, but fun to read. There are oompa lumps and golden tickets. Charlie's just a poor boy that found a golden ticket in a chocolate bar. It turns out that he gets all of the chocolate that he's ever wanted and he's the new owner of the chocolate factory. It's a funny and silly book. I think you'll really like it."

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Jenna said...

Hi Michelle-Do you mind me asking, do you have your daughter narrate all of her pleasure reading? How do you differeniate that from assigned school readings. Do you do any other activities to ensure reading comprehension?