Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Plans And Activities

With Memorial Day comes the unofficial kick-off of summer. We've never lived this far south before; Memorial Day for us has often meant wearing an extra layer to whatever cook out the weather permitted. This year, even our local pool is open! Fancy that... (Despite our hardy Norse stock, even we aren't jumping in quite yet. Maybe tomorrow :) We do plan to commemorate the day with a few fun family activities.

On the short list are the following:

Attend our neighborhood cookout. (Did that last night).

Pray for fallen soldiers and their families and all who are bravely serving our country overseas.

Make streamer and star decorations.

Attend our town's parade.

Make the all time favorite flag cake.

Color some of these Memorial Day pages.

Talk about what a great country we live in, and how our men and women in uniform sacrifice so much for the sake of our freedom.


Jenna said...

Thanks for the links to show what could simply be done at the last minute. I wanted to plan activities but got bogged down in making them perfect and ended up with nothing to do to commerate this important holiday. After seeing your post this morning, I printed out the coloring pages and the explanation of the holiday from the streamers activity. We will be doing both of these and then heading downtown for the local celebration.

becky said...

Hello, I'm so glad I found your blog. Congrats on wrapping up your school year. We're just finishing our very first year of homeschooling. I have a DS moving into 2nd grade and a DD moving into K. I'll subscribe to your feed.