Sunday, February 24, 2008

Field Trips and Plain Old Fun

We've been busy with activities and outings this week. We went to our science museum's celebration of NASA's 50th birthday - complete with astronaut meetings, robotic demonstrations and a live presentation. From there it was off to that mecca of materialism also known as Disney On Ice. We're not eating for the rest of the month after spending unheard of amounts of money on one teacup snow cone, one Prince Philip Sword of Truth, and one Cotton Candy crowned with Minnie ears.

Today the girls and I attended an American Girl Doll event at our local Barnes and Noble. Each month they highlight a different doll -- today it was Addy in honor of Black History Month. The program was really impressive: excerpts from the first book were read, the girls played school in Addy's day (replete with slates and chalk -- big hit with my girls), and a beading craft to finish off the afternoon. They can't wait for next month's Samantha program!

Finally, a package arrived from Gramma. These aren't just packages -- they usually weigh well over 30 pounds (this one 41) and are generally full of clothes and other goodies. My children have never had the experience of actually going to a store and trying on clothes, thanks to the benevolence of my in-laws. Outfitting four growing children is not for the faint of heart -- thanks Gramma and Gerry!